Esteban Favela

camera department

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A little bit about myself.

Who are you?

Hi! I'm Esteban Favela. I’m an Assistant Camera in Las Vegas. I’ve been ACing since 2013; I have worked on documentaries, commercials, live events and reality television. I have always loved cameras and tech, so those together plus my organizational and multi-tasking skills makes the camera department the department I call home. Being around cameras and working with awesome gear is what drives me and what I genuinely love to do.

I have also worked as a Digital Loader “Media Manager” or what some productions call a DIT (Both often mixed up, definitions and differences can be found at this link).

what do you know?

I attended Sanford Brown College in Henderson, NV. where I graduated with a BFA in Cinema Production. I have also attended the Abelcine Alexa Intensive Masterclass. I’ve worked with the following cameras.

  • Arri Alexa (Classic, Mini, XT, SXT)

  • Arri Amira

  • Sony (F800,Fs7,F55,A7s)

  • Canon (C300mkII, C500, 5D)

  • RED

  • Panavision DXL

done anything?

My current resume can be found on my staffmeup profile by clicking here. But here are some of the shows I have worked on.

  • Secrets of the Zoo:Columbus

    NatGeo Wild - Spectrum (Digital Imaging Technician) Sony FS7

  • The Ultimate Fighter

    FS1 - Pilgrim Studios (Lead AC) F800, Alexa Mini, RED

  • The Cowboy Way Alabama

    INSP - Glassman Media (AC) Sony FS7

  • Action

    Showtime - Boardwalk Pictures (2nd AC) Arri Amira

  • The Wall

    NBC - Glassman Media (Specialty Camera AC) RED

  • Statue of Liberty

    HBO - World of Wonder Productions (AC) Arri Amira

  • Wolfmans got nards

    - 1620 Media, Pilgrim Studios (Camera Operator) Canon C300mkII

  • Flip or Flop Vegas

    HGTV - Highnoon (Lead AC) Canon C300, GoPro


  • Inovativ Ranger 48 camera cart

  • Sony A7s

  • Odyssey 7Q+ recorder kits

  • Digital loader kit

how do i hire you?

Send me an email, contact me through staffmeup or if you have my number already give me a call.